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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

Yazou takes pride in offering the best deals on sought-after products and services from a variety of businesses, all across your city. Our team does its due diligence in reviewing and selecting participating organizations by searching out professional and user-generated reviews across various media platforms. We have our finger on the pulse of what's happening, what's important, and what people want.

It's easy to write about how much we care and how hard we try because, well... it's true! Don't believe it? Try us. No, really... we love hearing from you! There are plenty of ways to get involved:

The Yazou discussion board is a live, active community of people just like you - hard-working, opinionated, and always on the lookout for a great deal. Share your thoughts on which deals you liked and which you didn't; which products you'd like to see featured on Yazou, and which don't really belong; and if you have any ideas on how to improve our site or service, don't be shy! We're here because of you. It's a two-way street, and we like to keep the lines of communication open.

The Yazou Guarantee

If you ever have any problems with Yazou, we want to hear about them, and we want to fix them. That's just how we roll. You keep us going, and we will do everything we can to ensure your experience with Yazou is positive and rewarding.

Honesty. Transparency. These two tenets are the driving forces behind Yazou's guarantee of a positive customer experience. If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with Yazou, we want to hear from you. In fact, we need to hear from you. If our customers don't feel right, then we've done something wrong.

Yazou proudly offers you a complete refund for up to 30 days after your purchase, if our deal doesn't live up to your expectations. There, we said it. It's out there. Of course, there are a few stipulations:

  • If your deal expires before you've had a chance to use it, there's nothing we can do. Sorry!
  • We reserve the right to investigate any suspicious returns. If you're constantly buying and returning deals, we will find out and we will take the necessary steps to prevent it from continuing.

We offer refunds on things within our control. If you feel you've been wronged by Yazou, please tell us and we'll work with you to remedy the situation. However, we are not legally responsible if you are injured, killed or suffer any anguish while participating in a Yazou deal. We can't be everything to everyone. Not yet, anyway.


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Yazou For Business

Yazou offers a targeted community of customers looking to spend money with your business. And your business is our business. For each Yazou deal we sell, a piece stays with us, and the rest goes to you. Basically, we only make money when you make money. And you can track your offer every step of the way.

Contact us today 310-569-8989 to have your business featured on Yazou FOR FREE: