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50% Off Juvederm XC Lip Plumper with Dr. Butler, MD

About The Deal:

Admit it. You've watched Dr. 90210 on E! once or twice (or every week for the last 5 years). And while you love all the surgeons, there is something particularly refined about Dr. Butler's work: His clients walk out looking incredible.

And today's Deal is a chance to get some of Dr. Butler's magic with a Juvederm XC lip plumping treatment for $300 (reg. $600).

Juvederm is a smooth cosmetic dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance you already have in your body. An injection of this gel-based substance instantly plumps your lips. The process takes about 10 minutes and the effects last 6-9 months (and sometimes longer). It's effective, easy, and there's no downtime.

Grab this Deal now and get pouty, kissable lips from a reknowned surgeon.

  • Absolutely no downtime

  • Get full, luscious lips for up to 9 months

  • Featured in the Los Angeles Times
  • Valid for 1 year

  • Limit 1 per client
  • Tax not included

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