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About The Deal:

You can resist the boring outfits, early bedtimes, and obliviousness about current music that goes along with getting older (and we commend you for it!). Today's Loot can help you resist the fine lines and wrinkles, too.

We're offering Botox or Dysport with Dr. Butler, MD at Hydra Health Centers for $170 (reg. 340).

Botox and Dysport are facial injections that smooth fine lines and wrinkles to reduce the signs of aging. Which is right for you? Botox works by blocking nerve impulses, while Dysport relaxes facial muscles. Dr. Butler will consult with you beforehand to help you decide which treatment to choose.

Your Deal entitles you to the treatment of one facial area (forehead, crow's feet, or lines between your eyebrows), typically about 20 units. And the effects last for up to 6 months.

Hydra Health Centers has been featured in ElleMarie ClaireUS WeeklyIn Touch, and tons of other publications for their innovative treatments and celeb following.

Grab this Deal now and be (or at least look) forever young.

  • Featured in Marie Claire, Elle, LA Confidential, Us Weekly, and People

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

  • Approx 20 units; treats 1 facial area (forehead, crow's feet, lines between eyebrows)

  • Valid for 3 months

  • Limit 1 per client
Published in : Los Angeles
04 August 2011

About The Deal:

Admit it. You've watched Dr. 90210 on E! once or twice (or every week for the last 5 years). And while you love all the surgeons, there is something particularly refined about Dr. Butler's work: His clients walk out looking incredible.

And today's Deal is a chance to get some of Dr. Butler's magic with a Juvederm XC lip plumping treatment for $300 (reg. $600).

Juvederm is a smooth cosmetic dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance you already have in your body. An injection of this gel-based substance instantly plumps your lips. The process takes about 10 minutes and the effects last 6-9 months (and sometimes longer). It's effective, easy, and there's no downtime.

Grab this Deal now and get pouty, kissable lips from a reknowned surgeon.

  • Absolutely no downtime

  • Get full, luscious lips for up to 9 months

  • Featured in the Los Angeles Times
  • Valid for 1 year

  • Limit 1 per client
  • Tax not included

Published in : Los Angeles
03 August 2011


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Today's Deal is a chance to get Juvederm XC lip plumping treatment for $299 (reg. $600). Grab this Deal now and get pouty, kissable lips

We're offering Botox or Dysport with Dr. Butler, MD at Hydra Health Centers for $149 (reg. 300).

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